OPEB Reviewing Actuary and Team Leader

Hooker & Holcombe, Bloomfield, CT

Hooker & Holcombe Inc. is New England’s premier regional retirement consulting firm. The Actuarial Services unit has an immediate need for a full-time OPEB Reviewing Actuary and Team Leader. Candidates must be a credentialed actuary (ASA or FSA, and or Enrolled Actuary) and be highly motivated and energetic with an attitude that will contribute positively to the era of innovation and growth that the company is entering.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

    If acting as 1st Actuary:
  • Act as Consulting Actuary on certain smaller OPEB cases
  • Accept responsibility for all Consultant functions
    • Review Actuarial Analyst OPEB work
    • Respond to client requests
    • Prepare for and present results, etc. at client meetings
    • Ensure that all client deadlines are met
    • Prepare client bills and all internal billing estimates
    If not acting as 1st Actuary:
  • Review OPEB work that has been completed by the Actuarial Analyst, including
    • Actuarial valuation report
    • Gain/loss analysis
    • Deterministic and stochastic projections
    • Financial reporting results (FAS ASC 715 and GASB 74/75)
    • Cost estimates
    • Plan audit data
    • Experience studies
  • Work with the Consulting Actuary to ensure that all client deadlines are met
  • Support Consulting Actuary by prepping them for and/or participating in client meetings
  • Prepare special projects (beyond scope of actuarial analyst role), including
    • Open group projections
    • Plan design
    • Special accounting work (IAS 19, etc.)
  • May do actuarial analyst work as needed (see OPEB Actuarial Analyst job description for details)
  • Role involves significant client contact, often in a consulting role
    Non-client related tasks:
  • Lead a team of 5-6 Actuarial Analysts and Actuarial Specialists
  • Provide training for both new and existing employees
  • Present internal workshops
  • Participate in monthly AS Technical meetings
  • Participate in RFP process for potential clients

Professional responsibilities/relationship building:

  • Demonstrates expertise in a variety of the actuarial field’s OPEB concepts, best practices, and procedures
  • Maintain continuing education requirements
  • Adhere to the professional codes of conduct
  • Stay abreast of changes in the current business and legal environment that impact our work
  • Seek opportunities to expand upon existing client relationships, and possibly create new relationships
  • Seek to establish trusting client relationships and deliver professional and responsive customer service
  • Ability to interact with clients in a professional manner
  • Work effectively with H&H AS Analysts and Consultants

Job requirements:

  • Must be a credentialed actuary (ASA or FSA, and/or Enrolled Actuary)
  • Must be willing to work as a 2nd Actuary on some cases and an Analyst on others
  • Must work at least 40 hours per week
  • Must have at least 8-10 years of OPEB Experience that includes a broad range of work (including FAS ASC 715 (OPEB), experience studies, plan design, cost estimates, lead Analyst role for large clients, major client contact)
  • Must be proficient with all software used in the Actuarial Services Unit (including Excel and ProVal)
  • Must have a thorough understanding of the rules, regulations, and calculations inherent in our work (including actuarial mathematics, actuarial cost methods, accounting standards, etc.)
  • Must have strong oral and written communication skills

How to Apply

For consideration, please provide your total compensation requirements to HHcareers@hhconsultants.com.


IMPORTANT: H&H does not sponsor job candidates for U.S. work authorization

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